Nana’s Dream Comes True



Junior Graphic, Accra – May 2008

Nana’s Dream Comes True

Sixteen-year-old Nana can now see light at the end of the tunnel as his dream of being in school has become a reality by the kind courtesy of Chance for  Children, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

Nana who was begging for alms with his mother on the streets of Accra has been enrolled in a private school in the Eastern Region, Prince Boateng Memorial  Preparatory/JHS.

About seven years ago, the Junior Graphic spotted Nana around the Scripture Union compound where he lived with his mother under some huge neem trees and  also begged for alms on the highway that leads to the Ridge and Accra  Psychiatric hospitals.

When the Junior Graphic spoke to him, he said his greatest desire was to go to school like other children. The publication attracted the Ghanaian-Swiss NGO, Chance for Children which adopted him.

Years after the publication of the story, the Junior Graphic team visited Nana at school to find out how he was faring in his “new life”.

The team got to the school at exactly 11:00 am and found Nana busy writing the end of term examination in Mathematics. After an hour, Nana came out of the examination room and immediately recognised the team which he met some years ago. He was full of smiles.

Nana now lives in a serene environment which is, just 10 minutes drive from  his school. The home is equipped with various recreational facilities provided by Chance for Children, to make life comfortable for all inmates.

“Besides sleeping on a bed, I also enjoy three meals a day. I’m also driven to and from school each day. The only chore I do is to sweep occasionally or wash dishes after eating,” he said.

During vacation, Nana and the children in the home who are all boys are given the opportunity to go and visit their families for some few days and return.

According to Nana, during such home trips, each person is given GH¢ 25 (¢250,000) to be used for transportation and pocket money.

When the Home Manager, Mr Daniel Awuley Nortey, was contacted to know about Nana’s performance at school and conduct in the home, he commended Nana and said he was „hardworking and very brilliant.“

To confirm this, Mr Awuley brought out a file containing 15 report cards all showing his performance since he was enrolled at the school. Currently, Nana is in JHS One and hopes to be a Sports Commentator in future.

Story by Hadiza Billa Quansah


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