“Street children in Accra shall experience love and security, and receive a school education and vocational training.”Amon Kotey, co-founder

What we do

In this section we introduce you to the various fields of work within the Chance for Children operation.


Who we are

Here you can get to know Chance for Children a bit better and get insights into our organisation and its structure.


Our progress so far


Today, CFC can support A TOTAL OF 150 CHILDREN. Each day 40 CHILDREN visit our DROP-IN CENTRE. 30 CHILDREN live in our BOYS’ HOME, 33 in our GIRLS’ HOMES. We support 43 CHILDREN IN THEIR FAMILIES and enable 2 ADOLESCENTS to do VOCATIONAL TRAININGS or FURTHER STUDIES. In addition, EVERY MONTH we are in regular contact with 200 – 300 CHILDREN ON THE STREETS. Until now, 60 YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN have successfully GONE THROUGH the CFC PROGRAM and completed their VOCATIONAL TRAINING or could be REINTEGRATED into their families.

Last updated on 4 June 2017





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Stories Of Children

„My name is Emmanuel. I want to talk about the difficult times I had when I lived on the streets. On the streets I had to work before being able to buy some breakfast or …


„I was living on the streets for about 11 years. It was not easy to get enough money to eat. Even finding a place to sleep was difficult most of the time. Sometimes I had …


„Kojo is my name. Nine years ago I was a street boy in Jamestown. I got to know Chance for Children and they gave me the chance to change my life. First they taught me …


„My name is Kwame and I was living on the streets for eight years. There I gambled for money and did many other things. It wasn’t easy to live on the streets. Sometimes I didn’t …