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Vision accomplished

Since Chance for Children was founded, thousands of street children have been strengthened, hundreds have been brought back to their families and more than 60 young people have successfully completed their school careers, completed an education and are now on their own feet.

Here are three exemplary success stories by former street children.



My name is Ama. I came to Chance for Children two years after completing my basic school education. At the time I was 16 years old. There wasn’t enough money to continue my training. So I sold fish and Kenkey instead. One day a social worker from Chance for Children approached me and asked why I wasn’t going to school. At a meeting with my mother the CFC management offered to support us by paying for my apprenticeship. Three years later I completed my training as a hairdresser and was released from Chance for Children with some money for renting an apartment, a hairdryer and other accessories which allowed me to work on my own. Today I’m working as a hairdresser and take on full responsibility for myself. I also support my younger sister financially so that she can go to school.

(Ama, 24 years old, graduate of Chance for Children)



Kojo is my name. Nine years ago I was a street boy in Jamestown. I got to know Chance for Children and they gave me the chance to change my life. First they taught me in the house as a preparation for my schooling. Then I was able to live at the Hebron house until I completed my basic education. I had different options of professions to choose after finishing school. Out of the possibilities I chose to become a plumbing engineer. This apprenticeship will take four years. I have now started my second year of the apprenticeship and I stay at one of the youth flats. I’m looking forward to finish it to be able to look after myself and my family in the future. For some years my younger sister has also been supported by Chance for Children in our family.

(Kojo, 21 years old, Chance for Children)



My name is Kwamena. I was picked up from the street as a street child. It is very hard to make a living on the street as a child. Living from hand to mouth as a child is obviously very sad, but God sent CFC to my aid. There I was loved, cared for and sent to school from the basic level to senior high and finally to an apprenticeship, where I was trained as a sound engineer. This gave me the opportunity to establish my own recording studio. I record music for popular musicians in Ghana. such as Adame Best, Chris Mentor, Fame and Lazy Dazy. Today I’m extremely glad about the chance CFC gave me. Therefore I thank the CFC management for this most amazing help and upbringing. I hope that they continue to do good for the current and future street children of Accra.

(Kwamena, 25 years old, graduate of Chance for Children)


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Daniela is in Switzerland till end of August and is looking forward to sharing more about the situation of street children in Ghana and CFC’s positive impact in their lives.  For event details, click here.  


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1999: Registration as International NGO

2000: Support of children in the family house of Amon in La

2001: Construction and occupation of the Boys Home in Hebron

2002: Construction of drum and wood workshop in Hebron

2005: House in La becomes the Girls Home, House Hebron becomes Boys Home.

2008: Inauguration of Drop-In Centre in Jamestown

2009: Opening of Girls’ Home in Jamestown

2011: Opening of Girls’ Home in Hebron

2012: Opening of second Girls’ Home in Hebron

2013: Opening of third Girls’ Home in Hebron

2014: 15th anniversary of Chance for Children

2015: Opening of the new Drop-In Centre in Abossey Okai

2017: Focus on reintegration of children

2019: Formation of Foundation Chance for Children