Only in the region Greater Accra are around 90.000 children living on the streets. In this section you can find out more about the fate of these children. For example through personal experience reports that grant insights into the daily lives of street children. Additionally you can find various info materials about the situation of the street children in Accra here, which you are welcome to use for your lectures, presentations or research.

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There are more than 90.000 STREET CHILDREN in the region GREATER ACCRA. Roughly HALF of them are GIRLS. 3/4 of the street children originate from OUTSIDE of ACCRA They left their families in SEARCH of MONEY and WORK. 5% of the street children were already BORN ON THE STREETS. 40% dropped OUT OF SCHOOL, 60% have NEVER VISITED one. STREET BOYS work mainly as CARRIER, WASTE PICKERS, SHOE SHINE BOYS or CAR WASHERS. STREET GIRLS often sell WATER, FOOD and in some cases also their BODIES. Census on Street Children, 2011

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