Portrait of initiators


Amon Kotey (1974) was born in Accra. Early on in his childhood years he lost his father and was raised by family members, as his mother couldn’t provide for the family of seven. After graduating from primary school and JSS, he lived with his grandmother and contributed to the family’s income by selling mussels to tourists. In 1994 and 1995 he learned how to build drums at Accra’s Cultural Centre, produced them himself thereon and shared the profits with others. As he knew the situation of the street children first-handed, he wanted to get involved in that area. After meeting Daniela in 1997 the two of them began to turn their ideas into reality step by step.


Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah (1973) originates from Gommiswald in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. After graduating from school she studied to become a teacher. In 1997 she was in Accra for an internship and worked for the Red Cross (ICRC) in the north of Ghana until 1998. She returned to Switzerland for a while, where she worked as a teacher and started to study theology. But her experiences in Ghana drew her back to that place. Since October 1999 she has been dedicated to Chance for Children full-time. Today she is living in Accra with her husband and two children.



Daniela is in Switzerland till end of August and is looking forward to sharing more about the situation of street children in Ghana and CFC’s positive impact in their lives.  For event details, click here.  


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1999: Registration as International NGO

2000: Support of children in the family house of Amon in La

2001: Construction and occupation of the Boys Home in Hebron

2002: Construction of drum and wood workshop in Hebron

2005: House in La becomes the Girls Home, House Hebron becomes Boys Home.

2008: Inauguration of Drop-In Centre in Jamestown

2009: Opening of Girls’ Home in Jamestown

2011: Opening of Girls’ Home in Hebron

2012: Opening of second Girls’ Home in Hebron

2013: Opening of third Girls’ Home in Hebron

2014: 15th anniversary of Chance for Children

2015: Opening of the new Drop-In Centre in Abossey Okai

2017: Focus on reintegration of children

2019: Formation of Foundation Chance for Children