Branch in Kumasi


On January 2, 2020 we were able to open a new center in Kumasi. Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region of Ghana, located about 250 km north of Accra.

The north-south flight of children and families often passes through Kumasi, where street connected children and their families stay for a while before moving further south. Three social workers visit the children on the streets of Kumasi, their families and the surrounding villages from where the children run away to the streets. The team should be able to reach and strengthen 45 street connected children and families in the villages around Kumasi by the end of 2020.


With this expansion we can not only reach out to the children on the streets in Kumasi, but also work with families and villages around Kumasi in order to prevent children to leave their families. This has the positive effect that the siblings of the children already cared for by CFC, who have remained in the families, can be strengthened better as well. Until now, these families could only be visited every two months. Due to the local location and the proximity to the families this work can be intensified and the visits to the families as well as the number of children cared for in families can be increased.


We are well networked and also aim to expand these activities.  We can only find holistic and effective solutions for street connected children and families by cooperating with local, regional, national as well as international partners from the public, private and NGO sector throughout the country.


The main goals of our team are:

  • To empower reunified street connected children and their families.

  • To prevent children at risk from becoming street connected children.

  • To harness the resources and services from stakeholders to empower potential street connected children/street connected children and their families.  

  •  To acquire a better knowledge about street connected children for planning future interventions