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Here you can download various info materials and other documents regarding our organisation and the situation of children who live and work in the streets of Ghana. You are welcome to use these files for your own presentations and raise awareness activities.


Powerpoint presentation

Chance for Children 2020 (pptx, ca. 4.21 MB)


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019 (pdf, ca. 7 MB)

Annual Report 2018 (pdf, ca. 7 MB)

Annual Report 2017 (pdf, ca. 9 MB)
Annual Report 2016 (pdf, ca. 7 MB)
Annual Report 2015 (pdf, ca. 5 MB)
Annual Report 2014 (pdf, ca. 7 MB)
Annual Report 2013 (pdf, ca. 2 MB)
Annual Report 2012 (pptx, ca. 4.1 MB)
Annual Report 2011 (pdf, ca. 940 KB)
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2009


Anniversary booklet
15 year anniversary (pdf, ca. 3 MB)


Educational materials

Teaching Material for Schools (German) (pdf, ca. 4MB )
Koko-Game – Interactive game about the situation of street-connected children (German) (zip, ca. 4 MB)


Reports on street-connected children

Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the protection and promotion of the rights of children working and/or living on the street (A/HRC/19/35) – 2012 (English, pdf, ca. 5.4 MB)
Census on Street Children in Greater Accra Region – Ghana Department of Social Welfare, 2011 (English, pdf, ca. 5 MB)
The Exodus – The growing migration of children from Ghana’s rural areas to the urban centres, Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS) & UNICEF, 1999 (English, pdf, ca. 2.5 MB)


CFC Association in Switzerland (in German)
CFC Vereins-Statuten CH 16.2.2019
CFC Verein – Beitrittserklärung


Policies and concepts

Pedagogical Concept

CFC Fundraising Policy


Information for prospective interns in Ghana


Motivations questionnaire


Contract agreement