Personal stories


Testimonies of former street-connected children



“My name is Kwame and I was living on the streets for eight years. There I gambled for money and did many other things. It wasn’t easy to live on the streets. Sometimes I didn’t have any money to buy food or even water. As I had no place to sleep, I often slept next to streets. When it was raining, I was always very sad. At times I had to beg for money or sell things at the market so I could buy something to eat. Life on the streets really wasn’t easy.”

(Kwame, 15 years old, former street child, now living in a CFC home)



“I was living on the streets for about 11 years. It was not easy to get enough money to eat. Even finding a place to sleep was difficult most of the time. Sometimes I had to sleep next to the sewage drain and was bit by mosquitoes. Because of that I became sick quite often. While I was sick, I couldn’t work and therefore not afford any medicine. Sometimes friends bought me some medicine with their money. All of us didn’t go to school while we lived on the streets. We had to work every day. Once we had some money, we spent it on games. And when all our money was gone, we went working again.”

(Joseph, 16 years old, former street child, now living in a CFC home)



“My name is Emmanuel. I want to talk about the difficult times I had when I lived on the streets. On the streets I had to work before being able to buy some breakfast or water to wash myself. Not always did I manage to get enough money to buy food or water. That’s why I sometimes was able to wash myself only twice a week. Sometimes I had to steal, which was very dangerous. Often the boys would sleep with the girls. So some of the 13 or 14 year olds got pregnant. It was especially tough during the rainy season. We didn’t have any place to sleep then. So when it was raining in the night, we had to stand up and wait until the rain was over. It was often very cold in these nights.

(Emmanuel, 22 years old, former street child, lived with CFC, completed professional training and is now living self-dependently)


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