Info material


Info material

Below you can download different information about the reality of street-connected children in Ghana and worldwide. Feel free to use these documents for presentations in schools, youth groups, church congregations or any other event.

By bringing attention to the life conditions of street-connected children in Ghana, you will already be contributing to the fight against inequality and helping motivate others as well.


Reports on street-connected children

Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the protection and promotion of the rights of children working and/or living on the street (A/HRC/19/35) – 2012 (English, pdf, ca. 5.4 MB)

Census on Street Children in Greater Accra Region – Ghana Department of Social Welfare, 2011 (English, pdf, ca. 5 MB)

The Exodus – The growing migration of children from Ghana’s rural areas to the urban centres, Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS) & UNICEF, 1999 (English, pdf, ca. 2.5 MB)


Educational materials

Teaching Material for Schools – (German, pdf, ca. 4 MB)

Koko-Game – Interactive game about the situation of street-connected children (German, zip, ca. 4 MB)