Giving street-connected children a chance

It is the goal of Chance for Children to empower street-connected children and families in Ghana in their way to a dignified life. Through our holistic model we strive to cover the different developmental stages and needs of a child.


Chance for Children is composed of three bodies with different purposes which all contribute to our goal of empowering street-connected children and families in Ghana. These are the Chance for Children NGO (Ghana), the Chance for Children Foundation and the Chance for Children Association (both established in Switzerland).


Founded in 1999, Chance for Children is an accredited non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the Ghanaian laws. It is run by Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah, Amon Kotey and Daniel Awuley Nartey, who are responsible for the local management, implementing the strategy and reporting to the Chance for Children Foundation Board.


A team of more than 60 professionals, most of them Ghanaians, operate our different programs with the support of the interns and volunteers who join us every year in our work towards our vision. All employees are professionally qualified in their respective fields. Chance for Children attaches great importance to fair working conditions and appropriate social benefits.


So far we have helped more than 60 children complete school and/or professional training. These boys and girls are now living self-dependently or went back into their families without the need of any further financial support.


Find more about our organisational structure here.