Street-connected children and their families in Ghana should have a chance to build a better future. We achieve this by giving them love and safety as well as formal and vocational education.



We want to strengthen families so that children do not run away.

We want to work with organizations, other groups, and the government to promote the welfare of   street-connected children and their families.

We strive to guide street-connected children back into their families. 

We want to free street-connected children from the pressures of the street. 
We aim to provide those street-connected children, who cannot immediately return to their   families, with a temporary home until they can be reintegrated.

We want to give street-connected children the opportunity for school and/or vocational training. 



Honesty: Being open and honest in all our dealings and at all times.

Commitment: Working with urgency and commitment in responding to the needs of the children.

Quality: Always delivering and striving for improvement in quality in everything we do.

Teamwork: Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve set goals.

Recognition: Appreciating and supporting the role played by each worker. 

Professionalism: Acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility at all times.