Strong individuals make up an even stronger team

At the moment there are around 60 Ghanaian women and men working for Chance for Children in Ghana. In addition, two Europeans and alternating interns are also part of our team. All staff members have professional qualifications and are specialised in their respective field of expertise. Chance for Children guarantees fair working conditions, adequate social benefits and proper wages for all our employees. Additionally, Chance for Children is actively supported by numerous volunteers both in Ghana and in Switzerland.


Directors’ Portrait – Chance for Children Ghana

Daniela Rudisuli

Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah (1973) – Executive Director

Daniela comes from Gommiswald, in the canton of St. Gallen (Switzerland). After graduating from school she studied to become a teacher. In 1997 she travelled to Accra for an internship and worked for the Red Cross (ICRC) in the north of Ghana until 1998. She returned to Switzerland for a while, where she worked as a teacher and started to study Theology. But her experiences in Ghana drew her back to that place. Since October 1999 she has been dedicated to Chance for Children full-time. Today she is living in Accra with her husband and two children.


Amon Kotey (1974)

Amon was born in Accra. He lost his father in his early childhood and was raised by family members, as his mother could not provide for a family of seven. After graduating from Junior Secondary School, he lived with his grandmother and contributed to the family’s income by selling mussels to tourists. In 1994 and 1995 he learned how to build drums at Accra’s Cultural Centre, produced them himself thereon and shared the profits with others. As he learnt about the situation of the street-connected children first-hand, he decided to get involved. After meeting Daniela in 1997, the two of them began to turn their ideas into reality step by step.


Daniel Awuley

Daniel Awuley Nartey (1980)

Awuley was born in Accra into a family of seven and shared a single room with all of them. His association with Chance for Children started through a friendship with his neighbours: Amon and his family. When Amon started making drums to support street-connected children, Awuley joined as a volunteer drum maker. Later on he left for university from which he graduated with a degree in Economics and Geography. In 2006 Amon and Daniela invited him to share their dream in helping street-connected children in Accra. Since 2013 he has been directing Chance for Children together with Amon and Daniela.