Path to Independence

With Chance for Children’s support, the adolescents in our homes who complete their compulsory school education can pursue further education or professional training (apprenticeship). They relocate to shared apartments or dormitories and receive follow-up visits by our social workers, who accompany them on the last steps towards their independence. The goal is for them to live independently upon completing their training or further education.

Our results in 2022*

  • 190 children completed the school year

  • 9 children completed apprenticeship/vocational school or SHS (Senior High School)

  • 21 young adults were supported in their apprenticeship through our TVET -Agency or in their university studies

CFC’s work has been impacted by the measures the Ghanaian government introduced to contain COVID-19. Our street workers had to cease their activities and the drop-in center was closed between March and September 2020.

CFC instantly responded with a customized approach to this complex situation in-line with official advice and without jeopardizing children’s safety.

The 2021 results reflect these unprecedented times in scale, impact and the restriction of our activities.