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The first contact to the children always takes place on the streets. Either our social workers approach them directly or they come into our Drop-In Centre to recover from the daily struggles of life on the streets. Some of them stay with us, live in one of our assisted living homes and attend schools. Other children are supported by CFC while living with their families. And there are those, who are being accompanied by us on their path to independence while completing vocational training. In this section you can find out about our different fields of work.




Auch nach der Schule begleiten wir unsere Schützlinge und unterstützen sie beim Eintritt in die berufliche Laufbahn



There are more than 60,000 STREET CHILDREN in the GREATER ACCRA REGION. Over HALF of them are GIRLS. 3/4 of the street children originate from OUTSIDE of ACCRA They left their families in SEARCH of MONEY and WORK. 5% of the street children were BORN ON THE STREETS. 40% dropped OUT OF SCHOOL, 60% have NEVER VISITED one. STREET BOYS work mainly as CARRIER, WASTE PICKERS, SHOE SHINE BOYS or CAR WASHERS. STREET GIRLS often sell WATER, FOOD and in some cases also their BODIES.

Census on Street Children, 2011

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Street Children

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