Children in Families


Children supported within their family

We strive to reintegrate street-connected children back to their family or other caretakers when this is possible.

In order to determine the best interest of a child, we go through a process to analyze the cause of the child’s leaving the home in the first place, and the possibilities of solving that situation and ensuring the well-being of the child in a safe environment. For instance, if economic poverty was the only reason that led to an escape to the streets, we can provide with support for school expenses or to boost a small family business that may benefit the whole setting.

When it is not possible to reintegrate a child into his/her original family, we search for an alternative solution. This can include welcoming a child in one of our homes, refer them to another NGO or find them a foster family. In every case, the Department of Social Welfare is involved in the discussion process and takes the final decision.




Our results in 2019


children stayed with their families


families were empowered through workshops, follow-up and advice


children completed the school year:

  children completed Primary school

  children completed Junior Secondary School

  children completed Senior High School, Technical Training or Vocational School