Homes in Hebron

In 2002 we opened our first residential building in Hebron, a quiet village located about an hour outside of Accra. This first home welcomed former street-connected boys who came live with us and recover in a safe environment. Some years later we built our first building for girls, and today we can proudly say we offer a home for 30 boys and 40 girls in this compound far from the dangers of the streets.

Assisted by our house mothers and social workers, these children and youth can grow up in a family-based setting, get an education in a school nearby and develop all their potential. During the time they stay with us, they prepare to go back to their family or to live independently.

We help them with homework or provide them with tutoring when it is needed. Sports and arts are also encouraged through different activities. Boys and girls live in separate facilities, but they share time together through games, workshops and events that are often organized, especially during the weekends. Community life is important to us, so all of them also contribute to the daily operations of the homes, such as cooking and cleaning.




Our results in 2019


children benefited from the services in our Homes


children accomplished the school year:


   children completed Primary School

   children completed Junior Secondary School

   child completed Senior High School


young adults  went through an apprenticeship


young adult was employed


children remained in our Homes, committed to their journey to a dignified, respectful life


children were reunited with their own families