Street Work


Initial contact

From Monday to Friday our four street workers walk our street areas empowering thousands of street-connected children through guidance and workshops on essential issues (health, education, family planning, etc.). Earning the trust of a child on the street takes time, so our workers carefully initiate contact with them and slowly build a trusting relationship. We interact with hundreds of children every month. With some of them, we intensify this relationship by visiting their relatives, assessing their educational options or inviting them to joint activities. After some time, the children are either reintegrated into their families, referred to our Drop-In Centre or recommended to other NGOs.



Our results in 2019


Children were brought back to school


New children were referred to the Drop-In-Centre


Children completed our preparation program, went back to school and accomplished the school year


Youth and many adults attended our workshops at the GIZ’s premises


Children were reunited with their families