Branch in Tamale


On 2nd January 2020, the same day we opened our location in Kumasi, we also celebrated the opening of our new branch in Tamale, the capital town of the Northern Region of Ghana. Tamale is located about 400 km north of Kumasi and 600 km from Accra, and it is Ghana’s third-largest city. Many children who come from these norther regions travel via Tamale to Kumasi, and then south to Accra, which makes this location a strategic base for Chance for Children.

We have established a team of social workers who come from this region, so they can speak the local languages and are familiar with the specific cultures and conditions of the area. From here they can visit the children living on the streets and families in the surrounding villages, reintegrate children and build networks with other NGOs in the Northern regions. Our team is expected to empower 45 street-connected children, families and children at risk in Tamale and the northern belt of Ghana by the end of 2020. As with our branch in Kumasi, our presence in Tamale will additionally reinforce our work with children supported within their family in the Northern Region.


The main goals of our team in Tamale are:

  • To empower reunified children and their families.

  • To prevent children at risk from becoming street-connected children.

  • To harness the resources and services from stakeholders in order to empower children at risk, street-connected children and their families.

  • To acquire a better knowledge about the reality of street-connected children in the region for planning future interventions.