“Street-connected children in Ghana shall experience love and security, and receive a school education and vocational training.”Amon Kotey, co-founder

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In this section we introduce you to the various fields of work within the Chance for Children operation.


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Here you can get to know Chance for Children a bit better and get insights into our organisation and its structure.


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Food Sharing Program for Street-Connected Children

The Rebecca Foundation, Ghana’s First Lady’s foundation, made a generous donation of rice, meat, oil and tomato paste to cook for the children on the street amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This contributed to our Food Sharing Program, which we started on April 1st in Accra and in Kumasi in collaboration with other NGOs.


Helpline for Street-Connected Children

Street-connected children can contact local key persons who live in our area or work. These people own a phone through which the children can reach our street team at any time.


Great program for our kids in our homes

19 employees are currently living with our children in our homes in Hebron. We have put in have a great and varied program for them including workshops, activities, lessons, etc.


Follow-up calls for children and families

Since we are currently unable to visit the children who are being supported within their family, we have set up a system to ensure that they are doing well by contacting the children, parents and local key people in the communities.




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In 2019 Chance for Children EMPOWERED over 1,400 STREET-CONNECTED CHILDREN through all our different programs and departments; 110 STREET-CONNECTED YOUTH thanks to our SOCIO-EDUCATIONAL workshops on their rights as children, conflict management or healthy habits; 100 FAMILIES through WORKSHOPS and FOLLOW-UP VISITS in our Children in Families Department and Homes; and THOUSANDS MORE CHILDREN in essential topics as HEALTH, EDUCATION, FAMILY PLANNING and others through our STREET WORK.


Last updated on 3rd May 2020.