“Street connected children in Ghana shall experience love and security, and receive a school education and vocational training.”Amon Kotey, co-founder

What we do

In this section we introduce you to the various fields of work within the Chance for Children operation.


Who we are

Here you can get to know Chance for Children a bit better and get insights into our organisation and its structure.


Our progress so far


 In 2019 we empowered over
street connected children
street connected youth 




Together against COVID-19



“Food Sharing Program for Street Connected Children”

The First Lady’s foundation, the Rebecca Akufo-Addo Foundation, has donated many bags of rice, meat, canisters of cooking oil and tomato puree to cook for the children on the street. On April 1st we started our “Food Sharing Program” in Accra and together with other NGO s in Kumasi.


“Helpline for Street Connected Children”

Street children can contact key persons who live in our street area. They own a telephone. With this phone, the street children can reach our street team at any time.


“Great Program for our kids in our home”

18 employees have moved into our homes in Hebron and are currently living there with children and young people. They have a great and varied program with workshops, activities, lessons, etc.  18 employees have moved to our home in Hebron and are currently living there together with all the children. They are enjoying a great and varied program.


“Follow up calls for children and families”

Since we are currently unable to visit the children in their families, we have set up a system to ensure that they are doing well by asking specific questions and consulting with the children, parents and key people in the villages.




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Today, CFC can support A TOTAL OF 160 CHILDREN. Each day 45 CHILDREN visit our DROP-IN CENTRE. 30 CHILDREN live in our BOYS’ HOME, 40 in our GIRLS’ HOMES. We support 43 CHILDREN IN THEIR FAMILIES and enable 2 ADOLESCENTS to do VOCATIONAL TRAININGS or FURTHER STUDIES. In addition, EVERY MONTH we are in regular contact with 300 – 400 CHILDREN ON THE STREETS. Until now, 60 YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN have successfully GONE THROUGH the CFC PROGRAM and completed their VOCATIONAL TRAINING or could be REINTEGRATED into their families.

Last updated on 14th January 2019


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