In January 2020 Chance for Children (CFC) opened a new branch in Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti region and Ghana’s second-largest city, located about 250 km north of Accra.
It is on the north-south migratory route of children and families. They often pass-through Kumasi, staying awhile before moving further south in pursuit of better life and work opportunities.

From this new location, CFC’s social workers contact and assist the children and their families on the streets of Kumasi. They focus on families and communities in the villages around Kumasi, with the aim of preventing children from running away to the streets.

CFC’s presence in this area allows for more intense and restructured approach with children and families living in the area who were already being served by CFC. Currently, they are assessed and cared for according to three risk levels. Highest risk level families are visited monthly, mid-level risk families are visited occasionally and called twice a month. Low level risk families receive our calls monthly. CFC’s goal is to offer as much support as needed but also to empower the families to take responsibility for their circumstances.

Chance for Children places great importance on networking. We aim to expand our cooperation with local, regional and national partners throughout the country as the only true way to find holistic and effective solutions for street-connected children and families.

Our Results in 2023

  • 402 children reached on the streets of Kumasi

  • 93 children supported in their families

  • 12 children reunified with their families

  • 30 children prevented from joining the street

  • 76 children completed the school year

  • 59 attendants to community workshops on monthly average