Due to a legal reorganization in February 2019, the over 20 years ago established Association Chance for Children acts as the founder of the Foundation Chance for Children. Since then, Chance for Children operates as Foundation Chance for Children.
The Foundation carries on the original purpose of the said Association as stated in its Articles of Association.
The foundation is tax-exempt due to its recognised non-profit status.

At present, the Foundation Board consists of six members who carry out their duties on a voluntary basis.

Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah,
President of the Board

Markus Bernet
(lic. oec. HSG)

Iris Henseler Stierlin
(PhD, Organizational Develpmnt. Consultant)

Martin Jud
(Evang. Ref. Pastor)

Markus Krattiger
(Civil Engineer)

Martin Arzethauser
(PhD, Attorney-at-law)