Drop-in Centre

Since its inception, when CFC’s work was conducted on a small scale, Agbogbloshie was identified as our focal point. In order to ensure the best possible access for all street-connected children to our services, Chance for Children opened the current drop-in centre (DIC) there in 2015. At the DIC, we focus on easing the pressures of living on the streets. It is there that up to 45 boys and girls ages 6-14 receive daily a hot meal, medical and psychological care and can take part in classes and workshops. It also serves as a place to bathe, wash their clothes, rest or just play.

The drop-in centre’s social workers and educators provide the best possible care for the children. Through various lessons, activities and workshops we empower the street-connected children to better their lives and their outlook in the case that other interventions, such as a placement in the homes or reunification into their families, cannot be carried out.

Yearly over 500 children recover from the hardship of the streets and attend the activities in our drop-in centre.

Street Work

Chance for Children street workers are present daily on the street in the areas of Agbogbloshie, Kokomba, Railways and Abbossey Okai where many street-connected children are finding ways to make money and seek food and shelter. Many of them work on the waste dump of electrical and metal equipment in Agbogbloshie (Sodom). The intensity of this area makes the work very wearing and demanding.

We recognize the importance of understanding the local circumstances and the need for an individualised approach. Thus, our street workers mindfully establish contact with the children in an environment familiar to them, with an emphasis on treating them with respect and acceptance. The workers join the children in their activities and slowly establish trust, which eventually allows the children to confide in them.

Every month our street workers have about 400-600 contacts with street-connected children.

Reunification with Families and Following up with Children in Families

Chance for Children always places greatest importance on reunifying street-connected children with their families. This process, however, is long, intensive and requires an individualized and sensible approach that puts the best interests of the child first.

We begin by evaluating the child and family situation including the child’s reason for leaving the home. If motivated by financial hardships, we try to contribute to the child directly by enabling her or him to continue an education. We also strive to empower the parents to earn their own living to provide for their family. The families are regularly visited by our social workers to ensure the positive development of the child.

The social workers reaches out to hundreds of children and their families yearly.